Friday, June 27, 2008

Uh oh!

This is my favorite little pillow and when I was a puppy I would rush into the house and first thing I would do was grab this goodie from the chair. I guess it's Homie's favorite too because for the longest time it was gone. Probably stashed in a secret place.

I have a secret place like that too on the deck. Everything I find that I like and don't need to bury, I have in a big heap so that I can find it again easily when I want it. I sometimes forget about the heap too so it's a big surprise when I discover it again.

Homie left for a little while yesterday and I got so bored. I sniffed around in all the rooms but found nothing much of interest until I sniffed my pillow. It was sitting there all alone in the chair again and I could see that it wanted to play. Can't ignore a plea like that, can I? When I heard Homie's car I waited for her at the door and brought Pillow along to say hello. I don't think she was pleased with me or Pillow. No 'big hello'. Just a look that would freeze a blazing fire as she walked past me with the shopping bags.
Can't imagine why.

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