Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Sunday.

Man, I am knackered. Out the door by 7 a.m. and that on a Sunday. When I saw Homie packing the basket I thought, "Oh nooo, not an early outing? What is up with her? It's going to be 114 degrees today!" and I moved deftly under the coffee table. Try get me out from under here, if you can and I watched her in a rather detached way, that I have been practicing. I can even close one eye and still watch her through the slit of the other eye. Believe me, sometimes you have to watch Homie. At first sight you wouldn't consider her all too smart but that look can be deceiving. I mean I have never seen her do anything super smart like retrieve a ball or dig up a gopher but sometimes she surprises me.

Oh before I go on, did I tell you she tried to strangle me? Asphyxiation by window. I was shocked. I was having a nice look at traffic, happy as can be, and suddenly I hear her say, 'closing the windows' and buzzes them right up, then and there with my head still out the window. What does she think? That I know what 'closing the windows' means? Well, now I do but I had to learn the hard way.

Under the table, I had to fight off the desire to give in when Homie held a great big piece of Gouda in front of my nose. Normally she isn't very generous with that Gouda but this piece was humongous. Had to give in. But glad I did because I went to Flyball and then a Doggy Pool Party. Made a lot of new friends too, both human and doggy. I think I am really going to like going to Flyball because I like running and catching balls. Such a delicious combination, don't you think?

Hey is that Homie taking a nap? Homie, let's go for a run?!

Did she just peer at me with one eye closed and through a slit of the other? Man, that girl learns fast. Let's see if I can lay my paws on a good chunk of Gouda.

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