Thursday, June 5, 2008

Behavioral Assessment.

Homie says that I am getting too smart for my own good. It's all that reading I do. It is beginning to dawn on me that there is more to this all than meets the doggy eye. Excuse me while I get my assessment sheet.

  1. I sit when asked. Okay, not always but I don't see it written anywhere that my butt is supposed to slap the floor the second I am asked. I am not obedient in that way. There is no military precision in my obedience. Ask me; do the little finger thing and I will get round to it in my own good time.
  2. I do sit at the door and the gate while waiting for Homie to open them except when exceptionally excited because of interesting people or dogs on the other side. Otherwise, I always let her walk through first.
  3. I do not beg. That has just never occurred to me. Homie can eat her dinner or even a very delicious snack in peace and I will not go over to her and ask for some. If she gives me a dog biscuit or something better, I sit and take it from her carefully.
  4. I have a lot of trouble with the 'no licky licky' thing. How in heaven's name am I supposed to express my love if I am not allowed to give a nice big lick? But I am getting this too. There are times for cuddles and times when its 'no licky licky'. So be it, I will try to remember when it's time for love but it sure plays havoc with your spontaneity.
  5. No pulling at the leash. Alright, so then why always let me run free? I hate the leash but I think we do okay with the harness. At least for appearance sake it looks like I am walking next to Homie like a well behaved dog.
  6. Come when called. I refer back to the military precision. I come as soon as I can. If something needs to be sniffed a few seconds more, then it will be sniffed for a few seconds more but I do come when called. I just like testing my boundaries. I watch Homie from over my shoulder to see how important it is that I return immediately and not once have I seen any enormous urgency.
  7. Socialization. I am well socialized. I can tell because I hear people say that Athena is such a sweet dog. They wouldn't say that if I wasn't, would they? I am good with puppies and very careful. I don't nip or bite anyone. I sometimes jump like a ping pong ball but that is when I forget my manners in my enthusiasm and to Homie's distress I like grabbing ladies wrists, including hers. It doesn't hurt them a bit but I guess I will have to work on this.
  8. I haven't eaten a bed in a long time although I did take a teeny tiny nibble of a pillow that looked particularly delectable. When Homie came into the room I sat on it, hoping she wouldn't notice but there were little flocks of filling here and there in the room. She isn't a real eagle-eye but she couldn't miss those white fluffs and there wasn't enough time to eat them. Anyway, she would have known about it when they came out the other end.
  9. If anyone doubts that I am smart then they should see me when a ball rolls under the sofa on the back porch. Only once did Home ask me to settle down first before she got it. Now I immediately settle into my Anubis pose and must say it looks rather nice. I also use it when I want something in particular. It works like this: you take the Anubis pose and look intently at the treats jar. It melts her heart every time.
  10. Homie can take away my chew bone and even my food. I know it's coming right back anyway. I may not be the most obedient dog but I am gentle and that's good enough for my homie. She knows that given time I will understand even more than I do already.

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