Sunday, November 30, 2008

Puddles after the rains.

The rain left enormous puddles behind my house. Not that I mind of course, because I love splashing through water.

Doggie blues.

I spent a couple of weeks in the kennel while Homie went traveling. We missed each other a lot. I was mindlessly barking along with the others at the kennel when suddenly I heard her voice saying: waar ben je? (code language). I was silent in an instant and just stared dumbfounded. Who would have thought that she would ever return?
I then jumped so high to get out of the kennel, Homie could actually see my head above the 6 ft fence. I could look over but not jump over. Homie was worred because she thought I might hurt myself.

I had been so miserable, and Homie could see that, but after a cuddle and a long run, I was back to my old self. It was better than a marinated raw-hide chew to curl up next to Homie again.

Now I will get to travel with Homie. We are going on a business trip soon. When she looks at me Homie shakes her head and says: 'I am crazy' (she also speaks non-code language quite well). I guess she means 'crazy in love' because that what it looks like to me.

Last night I was a little worried I might have messed up and have to stay home. I had taken the sheets and comforter off the bed and piled them in a heap in the corner of the room. Oh Homie didn't like that at all. She wagged her finger and said I was bad, bad, bad. Tell ya I was really concerned. Uh oh, I shouldn't have done that, I thought but I always think of the right thing to do a little too late.