Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I always try to do nice things for Homie. Last year on her birthday she left me asleep in her office while she went to cut her cake. When I woke up I immediately saw the potential for throwing her my own party. For decorations I scattered her business cards around because I couldn't hang them on the ceiling. That was too high for me. Then I stripped my bed till you could only see the foam filling. It looked gooooood. I added to it all by creating complete chaos with anything I could find and then suddenly I was so weary that I had to sleep again and I guess that's when Homie made this picture. Not a bad job in thirty minutes huh?

Dog Beach.

You'll never guess! Yesterday my friend, Daisy came over early and we all got in the camper and after what seemed like forever we were at the beach. I just couldn't believe it. Daisy and I could run in and out of the water and on to the beach, where there was seaweed to play with 'n, 'n, 'n lots of new dog-friends to sniff. I am still so excited. I kept thinking, 'What did I do, what did I do, that I deserve this?' 'Cause I want to do it over and over again so that we can visit dog beach over and over again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Homie keeps patting this green thing next to me like she wants me to lie on it. I find it very confusing. It took me awhile to understand that I was not to get on the sofa or any of the chairs and that when I want to nap, there is a bigggggg cushion in the family room and an even larger one in the living room and if I want to sleep there is the bed in the bedroom, but that is really only for the nights although Homie lets me sleep on it in the mornings too when I am still tired and that is most mornings.
I have a little history with beds. They never last long. Flimsy is all I can say. Sink your teeth into them ever so slightly and out pops the stuffing. I try to explain to Homie that I wasn't even trying but her face tells me 'Not happy'. I have a denim one with my name embroidered on it that should have been sent to the trash can, but no, not in this house. Homie brought out a machine that whirrs in a very annoying way and she stuck all the parts of the bed together again, even the parts that went missing because I ate them. Truly amazing, wouldn't you say? You know that was the last time I ate a bed. Since then I have grown up. Still, I like to think that I am smart, but what that green thing is, I have no idea.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

From duckling to swan.

Just want to make sure that you know that I have grown up okay and that I take lots of exercise.

Pretty Baby.

Jumping Jelly Beans! What a piggy! Don't you just hate looking at old pictures from your baby days? I am shocked, simply and totally in a state of shock. I thought I have always been cute and now Homie whipped this picture out of the box. I just hope no one sees it. Here I am thinking that I am pretty....well, pretty pretty. They always say that I am a beautiful dog, but I sure wasn't a beautiful baby after that lunch. Excuse me, while I go away and try forget this experience. I think I need a chew to distract me or maybe something stronger, like a 12" rawhide roll. Eeeeeeuuwww.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Under the weather.

I feel purrtttty low. We went to the vet for my Heartguard and before I knew it, I heard Homie talking about a rash and bumps on my back. Allergies! Seems like everyone has them and instead of being different I am just the same. The rash started in my ummm, let's call them my inner thighs. I don't think the word 'armpit' applies to a weimie. So now I am on Benadryl. 1 mg per pound of dog and I am 57 lbs and I am stoned. Totally out of it. Homie had to do everything by herself the last couple of days. All I could do was raise my eyelids ever so slightly, and tell her, 'you can do it girl, I will help you again in a couple of days'. I am back to the basics where the chow is concerned, no more exotic treats and I think my organic chicken strips will go to my friend, Daisy. Awww man. Come 5 p.m. though I am suddenly ready for my game of ball and a good run outside. Even a whole pack of Benadryl could not change that.

Best friend, Jasper.

My friend Jasper visited with us for 6 weeks last Summer and he just loves to swim and so do I. Um, well....I do now. You see, I always thought that blue thing was just my very large drinking bowl. Of course, I knew I could never drink it all, but I tried sometimes. I was totally stupefied when my homie and Jasper jumped into my drinking bowl! They changed completely, acting silly and laughing really loud, throwing a ball at each other. Homie never ever plays with a ball on her own. She was so undignified and I was thinking: how would you feel if I stuck my tail in your gin and tonic, huh?

Do you think my nose is too big?

I have been looking in the mirror and it seems to me that I have rather a large nose. What do you think? It's not that I am vain or anything like that but it suddenly just struck me that it might just be a little on the large side. Not large enough for a nose job, but large enough to get in the way sometimes. I love sticking it into things. I am a real nosy dog. I cannot resist standing on my hind legs to be able to see over a fence into someone's yard. Oh my, and the things you see. I also stick my nose into the jars that my homie has on her dressing table. The stuff smells sorta sweet and Homie slathers it on her face. There have been times that I managed to stick my nose in the peanut butter jar. The best thing about this is that then the jar becomes MINE!

My confession.

My name isn't Heimi at all. I was given a name that is When I go up to other dogs and say, 'Hi I'm Athena, want to play?', they roll over laughing. Other dogs are called Chap, Buddy, Max, Suzy or something else down to earth. My name is Athena. Named after a goddess. It sure makes life unbearable at times. That's why I tell them my name is Heimi. I have kept my dark secret for as long as I could, but at the vet the other day, Boomer from down the road was there too and heard the receptionist call out for 'Athena', and Homie and I got up to go in. You should have seen his face. His eyes went round in amused amazement before he cracked up and laughed so much that he was rolling on his back, legs in the air. It's so embarrassing but what can I do?

Talking about butter.

Do you see these innocent blue eyes? Don't let them fool you. I'm no angel. One bright day, as I was growing taller I saw a stick of butter on the kitchen counter. I looked left and I looked right, and my homie was nowhere to be seen.
After a while she stepped back into the kitchen and I could tell by the puzzled look on her face that she was thinking, 'didn't I just put out butter when I put out the eggs?'
I calmly took on a relaxed pose on my bed and looked as innocent as I could (which is very).
The butter mystery was discussed with Carolina, who comes to help clean the house. Homie and Carolina searched high and low because they couldn't believe that I had eaten it, paper and all.
If only that darn loud burp hadn't given me away.

Bite me.

Can you believe that this is me!? Just look at that little face. No wonder my homie took me home with her. My two sisters, my brother and I were sitting under a tree near the shopping mall. My homie later told me that she had wanted a dog for the longest time but it was never the right time. I am so glad that she was totally, totally spontaneous that morning. She said that she had heard to choose the liveliest pup, but she didn't. I was asleep when she picked me up and held me in her cupped hands. That is how tiny I was. I know that here it looks as if butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, but I was a live wire from the start and a bit of a nipper. My homie didn't like that because it hurt. If I had a penny for every time I heard the words 'niet bijten', then I would be able to buy that super ball at the pet store. I have to tell you that 'niet bijten' means 'don't bite'. I don't know why Homie speaks to me in a different language but I understand her and other people now also speak to me like that. Do you know what 'grote meid" means? I will tell you about that another time.

Boy or Girl?

I ask you? This is a bib right? Not a bandanna. This doesn't look cool at all. I swear the groomer only has two sizes: Chihuahua and Rottweiler. I ask you, do I look even remotely like a Rottweiler? Now if I was going to a 'all the ribs you can eat' dinner, I would wear this. Pretty flowers, nice colors but as a bandanna, not cool at all. I had a bath and a manicure at the groomer today, and the bi....uh bandanna is a courtesy. Weimie's don't need a bath very often. My fur isn't thick and it's very short so a regular wipe down with a special cleaner keeps me clean and smelling good. After a bath though, I must smell really nice because my homie keeps nuzzling me.

I am a girl even though most humans think I am a boy. That's because most humans are used to small, cute, woolly, fluffy dogs and anything more streamlined, muscular and on longer legs is a boy.
A boy I am not. I will admit to Tomboy maybe, but still fussy about what I wear.
This is a bib right? Would you wear it?
Point made.

Life from Heimi's perspective.

Here I am! Nice to meet you too. I have wanted to write a blog for a long time. Just never got round to it. I always have so much to do like dig holes, run after the ball, eat and sleep besides I do a lot of redecorating too. I am going to let you know my look on life because I sometimes think that humans have no idea what it looks like from the ground up, from a dog's perspective. Just to let you know what you are in for; I am not all tongue and tail, I am a thinking dog.