Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The other day a neighbor said, "Athena has filled out nicely". Before she was gone I ran to the mirror and took a good look, and you know what? She was right. I have changed. I have filled out and by the look of things in all the right places. I must ask Homie to buy me a new collar, this one is, well..... so childish. I need something more grown-up and feminine.

Dog Park

I looked at Homie and didn't quite believe what she was saying. "Go to a dog park 3 hours away, when I have the biggest and best dog park just behind the house?!" was all I could think.

Of course, when we got there it was fun although some of the dogs didn't have the best manners but Homie says neither do I sometimes. My friends Maddie and Snorkel were there too so we made quite a little party.

Do you know the expression, "Talk to the tail", Homie knows all about it.