Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's like looking in the mirror.

Of course I know that dogs have no sense of self according to humans, but I claim that this is wrong. When I first met Maddie, I thought I was looking in the mirror. That was me with a new collar! But after some contemplation I came to the conclusion that Maddie was just another Weimie. We look very alike but there are also differences however these escaped Homie. She would think that Maddie was me. Silly Homie. Where would she be if I wasn't there to think for her?

I now have a different perspective of myself. I am not such a tomboy as I thought I was. Maddie just plunges into the pool, but I need time. Maybe I am a sissy but that water is cold and the part that was warm bubbled dangerously. No way am I taking a risk. I spent my time with the balls and there were so many. I wait until they float my way, and then I pretend I am a giraffe and splay my front legs and scoop them up without getting wet at all. Then I like to organize them in such a way that are all together (not quite color coordinated but I think I can do that too, given time). Homie is a spoilsport because she just messes it all up and throws them back in the pool and then I have to start all over again. I guess she thinks I like fussing with those balls. Well, to be truthful I do. I love balls especially when they are being thrown for me. I love to run after a ball. You can wake me for a game of ball anytime.


  1. just wanted to say "HI"! Maddie is my niece and Betsy is my big sister. Have been enjoying reading all about your doggies escapades! Betsy is here in Ohio this week visiting us. Shes staying here at my house and missing her critters very much.
    Carolyn Sunday

  2. oh yeah, I have a blog here too, my addy's: ttp://