Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My first crush!

The moment I saw him, I knew it. This is the man for me. I have such an enormous crush on Max that I feel all giddy. Not that I have met him yet, but the moment I saw his picture, my heart melted. What a guy! Like all girls I want a man of substance and character and he looks like he has all that and a bit more.
Oh wait, maybe that's not what all Weimie girls want, but I do. Isn't he just poopie doopie? I don't think Homie approves though, but I don't care. She says that she has heard that he is quite grumpy. But Maxie doesn't look at all grumpy to me. Well maybe just a bit, but that because his homie took him camping and Maxie wasn't a happy camper. Maybe he is not quite as outdoorsy as I am. Anyway I am in love, and no one is going to rain on my parade. Not even Max.

Maybe we can invite him over for Scratch Soup. He would love that. I only hope Homie doesn't try one of her experiments like last time. She was fooling around with beets, and the soup came out PINK! Homie says it's borscht, but I think, 'Yeah, yeah, give it a name and suddenly it isn't a crazy experiment anymore?' Well, I am very glad I didn't have to eat it. I will eat bugs, and slugs and pigeon poop but I will not eat pink soup. For some reason I don't Max would be in for anything pink.

Hmmm, do you suppose he's fixed?

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