Friday, July 11, 2008

Kiss a frog.

Since I haven't heard from Max, Homie said that maybe I should kiss a frog. This morning, waddaya know, there was a frog swimming laps in the pool. Cool as a cucumber. I can hardly imagine that Homie was serious when she said I should kiss something that small, besides he was icky looking. She is telling me fairy tales again. At first I thought well maybe I should just gobble him up. He looked as tasty as a lizard which is nothing like something as good as chicken, but I like to play with my food and lizards give you a fun hard time, but, boy, frogs give you the hardest time. They just swim under water, back and forth, with their long legs and there is no way for me to catch one because I like to keep my ears dry.

I wonder what would happen if I kissed a frog? Homie just leaves me hanging without an answer. Now I am going to have to find out for myself. I am going to practice kissing from now on. Everyone I meet, I will jump up and give them a couple of kisses on the lips.
Up till now no one has seemed to like it. They all turn their face away and make a fuss. NO jumping, NO licking, so NO kisses either, I guess.

No wonder I am confused at times.

Update: The next day I saw my frog in the pool again again and delicately between two teeth, I saved him from drowning. He hopped around for a while and I kissed him. Without any warning he suddenly expired, I think out of pure excitement. Buried him under the bush and am still confused.

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