Friday, April 18, 2008

Under the weather.

I feel purrtttty low. We went to the vet for my Heartguard and before I knew it, I heard Homie talking about a rash and bumps on my back. Allergies! Seems like everyone has them and instead of being different I am just the same. The rash started in my ummm, let's call them my inner thighs. I don't think the word 'armpit' applies to a weimie. So now I am on Benadryl. 1 mg per pound of dog and I am 57 lbs and I am stoned. Totally out of it. Homie had to do everything by herself the last couple of days. All I could do was raise my eyelids ever so slightly, and tell her, 'you can do it girl, I will help you again in a couple of days'. I am back to the basics where the chow is concerned, no more exotic treats and I think my organic chicken strips will go to my friend, Daisy. Awww man. Come 5 p.m. though I am suddenly ready for my game of ball and a good run outside. Even a whole pack of Benadryl could not change that.

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