Friday, April 18, 2008

My confession.

My name isn't Heimi at all. I was given a name that is When I go up to other dogs and say, 'Hi I'm Athena, want to play?', they roll over laughing. Other dogs are called Chap, Buddy, Max, Suzy or something else down to earth. My name is Athena. Named after a goddess. It sure makes life unbearable at times. That's why I tell them my name is Heimi. I have kept my dark secret for as long as I could, but at the vet the other day, Boomer from down the road was there too and heard the receptionist call out for 'Athena', and Homie and I got up to go in. You should have seen his face. His eyes went round in amused amazement before he cracked up and laughed so much that he was rolling on his back, legs in the air. It's so embarrassing but what can I do?

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