Friday, April 18, 2008

Talking about butter.

Do you see these innocent blue eyes? Don't let them fool you. I'm no angel. One bright day, as I was growing taller I saw a stick of butter on the kitchen counter. I looked left and I looked right, and my homie was nowhere to be seen.
After a while she stepped back into the kitchen and I could tell by the puzzled look on her face that she was thinking, 'didn't I just put out butter when I put out the eggs?'
I calmly took on a relaxed pose on my bed and looked as innocent as I could (which is very).
The butter mystery was discussed with Carolina, who comes to help clean the house. Homie and Carolina searched high and low because they couldn't believe that I had eaten it, paper and all.
If only that darn loud burp hadn't given me away.

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