Friday, April 18, 2008

Boy or Girl?

I ask you? This is a bib right? Not a bandanna. This doesn't look cool at all. I swear the groomer only has two sizes: Chihuahua and Rottweiler. I ask you, do I look even remotely like a Rottweiler? Now if I was going to a 'all the ribs you can eat' dinner, I would wear this. Pretty flowers, nice colors but as a bandanna, not cool at all. I had a bath and a manicure at the groomer today, and the bi....uh bandanna is a courtesy. Weimie's don't need a bath very often. My fur isn't thick and it's very short so a regular wipe down with a special cleaner keeps me clean and smelling good. After a bath though, I must smell really nice because my homie keeps nuzzling me.

I am a girl even though most humans think I am a boy. That's because most humans are used to small, cute, woolly, fluffy dogs and anything more streamlined, muscular and on longer legs is a boy.
A boy I am not. I will admit to Tomboy maybe, but still fussy about what I wear.
This is a bib right? Would you wear it?
Point made.

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