Monday, May 5, 2008

Precious Poop.

Hmmmm....I have been watching Homie more closely lately and there is something peculiar about what she does. Every month she buys an enormous bag of kibbles for me. She huffs and puffs as she pours the contents into a large container. Then every morning and every evening she gives me some. Shortly after I eat I have to know what I mean. First of all I have absolutely no privacy. Homie sometimes watches me and even takes a little peek at the results. Then she carefully scoops it up and carries it all the way across the garden to a small container and stores it there. Even if I do my business on the far side of the golf course, she grabs a baggy and quickly does a collection, looking around her to see if no one else is around. Worried probably that someone gets to it first.
I always thought that Homie had wanted me for companionship and love but I am slowly beginning to realize that there is a big secret reason that we have never talked about. The stuff that I deposit twice a day is a precious substance that has a value. I am just a working dog. That's what I am. Why else would Homie work so hard at getting a good production? I am heartbroken, really I am. I thought it was love and now I discover it's all about economics. I am determined not to produce anything at all tomorrow. See how she likes that!


  1. I believe my two horses have come to the same conclusion after seeing me struggle to clean their stalls and accumulate a large manure pile all the way across the field, even when I could barely plow through all the snow to get to it last winter. That's why they are polite enough to be sure they make deposits in their stalls as often as possible although they are free to go outside.

    Athena, your blog is very entertaining. You remind me of my 17-month-old Weimaraner girl.

  2. Hi Garishar,
    I just wanted you to know that you can now find my blog at

    Hope your weimie is having fun too. Read my blog to see what I have been up to.
    Big licks from Athena.